Who is Marcadé?

First and foremost, planning, designing and staging a special event is a matter of understanding objectives, and sharing wholeheartedly in an ambition to create a unique moment in time.

Building a story around a symbolic date, a corporate milestone, a brand or product -or designing a layout or set- is based on an exacting combination of creative freedom and flawless implementation. Ours is a craft born of the performing arts, and the myriad demands for perfection inherent therein. In other words, the imagination that fuels any project must also offer the guarantee that the end result can stand - and stand tall! - on its own.

Our corporate culture and philosophy are illustrated by our willingness to span the whole creative spectrum - from traditional know-how to state-of-the-art techniques - to answer a successful outcome.

This brochure will provide you with an overview of our accomplishments through the years. Some of the events we've orchestrated brought together thousands of people and received front-page coverage in the press; others, by design, were more private in nature. Some required months of preparation; others were operational in the space of a few days. But all these projects have one thing in common : they're wholly meaningful translations of diverse identities - and individual states of mind. Perhaps the very best measure of our originality and professionalism is the renewed confidence our clients have shown us over time.

Finally, the agency has developed the "Marcadé Lab" an internal digital tool designed for sourcing new creative talents: 
scenographers, designers, stage directors, visual artists, emerging and already renowned artists…. Marcadé has identified and met over 700 creative profiles, come from all of the creative arts as well as from the new technologies. A tool with a strong creative potential meant for Marcadé’s teams. The "Marcadé Lab" thus completes the "Marcadé Network", an international sourcing network which allows Marcadé to offer our clients an even more outstanding follow-up all over the world.