Rue de la Paix

Inauguration of 13 rue de la Paix / Paris

The rules of the game

To inaugurate its Haute Joaillerie store, Cartier put on a sumptuous display running from the rue de la Paix to the Tuileries gardens.

The brand's inimitable standards of excellence were highlighted in "little theaters" which opened like jewelry cases to reveal its main themes. here, decor is an art from artists, painters, technicians and the whole theater world shifted to a new stage.

The dinner, organized in a stylish and glamourous giant jewelry case tailor-made for the occasion, had a 1930s' film star feel to it. No aspect was overlooked in this sumptuous display of luxury, from the gigantic chandelier to the specially designed furniture and other items. Each detail of the finishings -flower arrangements, satin pouches, girandole candelabra, tablecloths, etc - was of crucial importance.